Profound Simplicity

Jamie contends that the church has taken many of our ceremonies and traditions and turned them into religious laws and regulations. We have institutionalized worship. We have so polished the Gospel that it is no longer the simple message of Christ. But God wants our worship to be from the heart, not from habit or compulsion.

Jamie Buckingham Interview

In an interesting and revealing two-hour interview conducted  sometime in 1978 by an unnamed person, Jamie talks about his history, including his youth, college days, pastorships, and other aspects of his life–all preparations used by God and each contributing to his eventual career as a popular writer and speaker. He also discusses various aspects of his role at the Tabernacle Church.

Working, Relating, and Being

We are all working together as the body of Christ. We are family and we are in ministry together for the glory of God. God wants us to achieve, but He also wants us to relate to each other. He wants us to be balanced.

Testimony: Risky Living

Jamie shares his testimony and notes that our subconscious is like a lake full of junk that is brought to the surface through dreams. How are we to deal with this spiritually? This teaching is similar to a chapter in Jamie’s bestselling book, Risky Living.

Jamie Buckingham Testimony

Jamie Shares his testimony to a group of believers at a Melbourne, FL, chapter of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Association.

Despelling the Darkness

Jamie shares his experiences following his 9 days in the Indonesian and New Guinea jungles, imparting the Holy Spirit to this generation, all over the world.

Hungry for the Spirit (Fourteen Years )

Jamie shares his testimony 14 years after he was filled with the Holy Spirit and reveals that his spiritual life has been a continual quest to spiritual maturity. There is always more spiritually in store for us if we will only hunger for the things of God, hunger for His Holy Spirit. As we hunger God will continually fill us with his Spirit.

Pain: A Growth Indicator

The indicator of growth in the Christian is pain. The Christian is called by God to change from darkness into light and that change causes pain. Yet, our pain is not without purpose. We can never return to the darkness lest we forsake God forever.


Jamie shares his personal testimony of how he was first filled with the Holy Spirit. This is the earliest known recording of his testimony.