Though He Slay Me

Here is the story of Job. Jamie teaches that despite how it seemed to Job, God never turned His back on him. He only removed His conscious presence for a time. Once God sets a person on a path, God may test that individual to see if he will continue to trust God or turn aside when times get hard.

Trials Produce Character

When rains fall into your life, rejoice. God has brought you to that place because he loves you. And remember, whom God loves he chastens, so all the ugliness can be gone and we are matured to have the character of Jesus, complete and not lacking anything.

Turning Back Your Enemy

Jamie shares about the recurrence of cancer in his body. Yet, he knows God has a plan for him, a triumphal procession, as Paul called it, for when things don’t go the way you wanted them to go, as was often the case with Paul.