Into the Glory


Into the Glory  is the dramatic chronicle of the men and women who comprise the Jungle Aviation and Radio Service (JAARS), the flying arm of the famous Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Viewed from a distance, theirs is a life of color and adventure. The fact is, most of the JAARS personnel could command handsome salaries among American and European commercial airlines. All of them could thrive as leaders in the renewal sweeping the civilized Western World and draw large crowds to hear their testimonies. But these are rugged and singularly focused people who have heard the call of Christ to come away from comfortable living and the glory of the crowds to serve naked aborigines and headhunters whose languages have never been committed to writing. Sometimes their only thanks is a brandished spear.

And yet . . . sometimes, far above the clouds, they do enjoy the momentary glory of looking down at the shadow their little crafts cast on the cloud-tops. Around that shadow a peculiar dispersion of the sun’s rays creates a corona of light. Pilots have long called that corona “the glory,” and when they finally descend beneath the clouds, they fly “into the glory.” At the moment the plane and shadow converge at the cloud, there is a virtual explosion of light. And in a special sense, the pilots of JAARS they do fly into the glory – the glory of serving the least of all the peoples of the earth in obedience to Jesus Christ.

This book is great for your missionary friends, or pilot friends, or anyone who yearns to see the gospel spread to all the world!

Jamie Buckingham in the Philippians while researching for the book, Into the Glory