The Journey to Spiritual Maturity (Bible Study Series)

In this 13-part Bible study, Jamie Buckingham takes you on a spectacular trip through the Sinai Desert retracing the footsteps of Moses. In this series, you will go where Moses and the children of Israel went, see what they saw, and stop where they stopped. All along the way, Jamie teaches the particular lessons learned as you take your own journey to spiritual maturity. This series is designed for small groups or individual study. Pastors all over the world have used this series with their staff. Bible colleges have used it in their classrooms. Now everyone has an opportunity to hear Jamie and  listen to his magnificent story-telling abilities while he teaches the lessons God taught Moses and the Children of Israel during their trek through the Sinai Desert.


1. Introduction to the Sinai

2. Purging: The Waters of Marah

3. Provision: Filled with the Spirit

4. Obedience: Water from the Rock

5. Authority: Coming in to Submission

6. Changed Appetites: Manna from Heaven

7. Restoration: The Spirit of Dominion

8. The Call of God: The Burning Bush

9. Hospitality: Learning to Give

10. The Law: Lesson from Mt. Sinai

11. Pilgrims: Staying Under the Cloud

12. Faith: Lessons from Kadesh Barnea

13. Relationships: The Family of God