Give Me That Mountain

In a message to students, Jamie offers encouragement and a challenge to live your life for God. Don’t just talk about your vision–do something about it. Attempt something so big that, unless God intervenes, it is bound to fail.

Test of 13 Questions

Here are 13 questions about who we are in Christ that we, as believers, should be able to answer. But do we really believe the answers?

Reflect His Glory

The mission of the church, Jamie says, is to love God, enjoy Him forever, hear what He is saying, and do what He is doing. We are to be a reflection of God and His glory.

Jesus Is Lord

We must always allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten us individually and not take our beliefs from an institution only. We must be wary of anything that tries to pull us away from the Lordship of Jesus.

Accepted by God

We are to always remember three things: I am deeply loved by God; I am fully accepted by Him; and I am made righteous through Jesus.

Five Questions

Jamie asks five questions that help disclose the true nature of our walk with God.

The Wells of Your Life

God is not looking for people who go around with their cups outstretched waiting for the next rains to fall. God wants a people who have a well of living water within them and can draw strength from his indwelling Holy Spirit on a daily basis.

Becoming a Person of God

If we are going to become men and women of God, a separation from the world is necessary. What that looks like will be different for each of us, depending on our mission and our personal strengths and weaknesses. But some things are the same for us all. For example, we can’t walk with one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom.

Travel Light

Jamie asks what can we do to improve our ability to follow Jesus? He uses the example of the seasoned traveler. In order to move quickly, you must travel light. To follow the Lord, you must not burden yourselves with the world, but be ready to go at a moment’s notice when God says go. Travel light.

Traveling Light

Jamie teaches on the simplicity of the gospel of Christ and how we need to learn to be willing to travel light in our walk with Him.

Wanted: More Gamblers

God wants people who are willing to take chances and step out in faith for a higher calling. We know we must take risks, or as the Bible says, live by faith. And if we don’t risk, or have faith, we don’t live.

Weather Vanes and Wind Machines

God does not allow us the luxury of knowing the future. Instead, in preparation for the future and the life ahead He has in store for us, He is calling us to do today what He has given us to do, today.

What God Expects

Jamie teachings on what the Lord requires of us – to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

What is a Christian?

Jamie explains that being a Christian is to simply being a person who is controlled and dominated by the Lord Jesus Christ. A Christian is not someone who does certain things on Sunday morning and does not do certain things on Saturday night. A Christian is just someone living a life managed by Jesus Christ. That’s all. Extremely religious people have added many, many things to what we think the definition of a Christian is. But a Christian is simply someone who has given himself over, completely, to being controlled by the Spirit of God.

Winners with Jesus

God wants us to be and to act as winners. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit there is a security that comes on the inside that no man can move you from where you are. Jesus was that kind of man. We are to walk on this earth as winners with a deep security of who we are in Christ.

50 Years of Quality

On his 50th birthday, Jamie teaches on what he feels God expects from him for the rest of his life. This includes 5 specific applications that include prayer, excellence, discipline, vision and above all else, pleasing our Father in Heaven.

Authentic Christianity

God is calling us to be authentic. He is calling His Church to be real, not like the Pharisees who were hypocrites, pretending to be righteous when actually their hearts were full of evil. If you truly want to be real it can only be done through the power of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise you live as a fake, a fraud, pretending you are something you are not.

Be a Witness

We are all called to give testimony as to what God has done in our lives. Not everyone is required to be an evangelists, but all Christians are called to testify to the goodness of God. He has placed you where you are in order to be a witness for Jesus, to testify what you have seen and share your experiences so others may know God as well.

Be a Witness

God has called every Christian to be a witness, not just with words but with our life. We are called to speak the word of the Lord to others, but we are also called to live according to His will. On both accounts, what we say and how we live our lives are to be truthful witnesses unto the Lord.

Gold Medal Christians

God is calling us into excellence. If you are baptized in the Holy Spirit you have no excuse not to operate in excellence—with your body, your job, your devotional life, your family. God wants us to be gold medal Christians, to do the best with what we have on the racetrack that stretches out in front of us.

Half-baked Christians

How easy is it to not turn over every aspect of our life to Christ, or worse, to go backwards. You may appear good and righteous on one side, but look behind you. You are half-baked. You have failed to expose all sides of your life to the fire of the Holy Spirit.

How Do You Smell?

According to the scriptures, we are the fragrance of life or of death and it all depends on the person who smells us. We give off an odor to everyone we meet. We have a specific fragrance which others notice and it comes from something way down deep in our spirit.

How to be a Christian in a Godless Society (How to Deal with the World)

As Christians on this earth we are in the midst of a godless society. All the world around us is under Satan’s power and his control. But we have a balm in the presence of the Holy Spirit and we can live in this world in victory and with joy. Let’s be very careful we don’t become judgmental but show forgiveness and the love of Christ to this fallen world.

The Circular Quality of Life

In this Mother’s Day message, Jamie tells us not to be worried about the daily grinds and routines of life. It is circular, but God is building character and purpose in us all.