1. Principles of Spiritual Warfare

Christians are under attack all throughout the world today. And the attack is from an invisible enemy. His name is Satan. We are in the last days, and Satan is mounting his massive attacks on believers everywhere. But God has given us authority, through Jesus Christ, to bash in the gates of hell, to withstand Satan’s attacks, and he has given us orders to be armed for battle in spiritual warfare on all levels.

Yet, still, the battle belongs to the Lord and the victory is already ours because of what Jesus did at Calvary. Now claim it and standup against Satan and his demons and live a victorious life. Using scriptural texts, this video series will walk you through various elements of what we all must do to be properly armed for spiritual warfare.

Jamie Buckingham uses a suit of medieval armor to illustrate the principles of spiritual warfare learned through the battles of his own life. Teachings are filmed on location ranging from the border of Lebanon to the gulf of Eilat.

This series is ideal for Sunday School classes, home groups, or individual study. The accompanying workbook contains Bible studies based on the videos and numerous questions on each subject.