The Lordship of Jesus (Classic Sermon Series)


What does it mean to make Jesus the Lord of your life?

When you choose the way in which you walk—when you choose to follow Jesus Christ and make Him your Lord—you voluntarily surrender the right to choose or the power to vary the consequences.

Paul said, “When you choose whom you will obey, you make yourself a slave.” That’s the key to the lordship of Jesus: that commitment, that surrender, that relinquishment, where you take your will and put it into the hand of God, and you ask Him to rule you with His will instead of yours. Once you have done that, everything that happens to you from that moment on is designed by God to bring you out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light.

God is going to make you into the image of Jesus Christ. That is His express purpose. And the express purpose of you committing your life to Him is so this makeover can begin. That is what the lordship of Jesus is all about.