They Left Their Nets (Classic Sermon Series)


When Jesus called His disciples, His call was for them to follow Him wholeheartedly and leave everything else behind. That is how He still calls us today. Are you willing to do what Peter, Andrew, James, and John did, and leave your “nets” behind? Are you willing to follow Jesus so completely that nothing else in the world matters except His Lordship?

Jamie Buckingham states, “In the closing messages Jesus had for His disciples, He said, ‘Follow Me, and signs and wonders will follow you.’ We are not to be seekers of the signs and wonders. We are to be seekers of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to open our lives fully for the Holy Spirit to come into us, and we’re to follow after Him. And when we do that, every place we go that our shadow falls, there’s going to be healing. Everywhere we walk and speak and pray, there’s going to be deliverance. There’s going to be spiritual power that surrounds us, because we have made Jesus Lord, and we have become like Him.”