Being a Christian in a Godless Society (Classic Sermon Series)


When the blatantly obscene Broadway play, “Oh! Calcutta!” was scheduled to be performed in Jamie Buckingham’s hometown of Melbourne, Florida, controversy swirled within the community because the actors, both men and women, were going to be performing many of the scenes totally nude in front of their live audience.

With this as the backdrop, Jamie spoke to his congregation about how we, as Christians, should respond to the world’s godlessness. Should we protest with boycotts and marches and angry slogans on placards? Or is there a better way?

How can we be a light in this godless society and show the love of Christ to others with genuine humility, forgiveness, and lovingkindness?

According to Jamie, we can insulate ourselves against the world, but we can’t isolate ourselves away from it. Our calling as Christians is to be the presence of Christ in the midst of a godless society. It is to demonstrate the love of Jesus to a world that is dying of hate. If we don’t tell lost people that God loves them, who will?