Victory Over Discouragement (Classic Sermon Series)


What happens when you are discouraged? Do you understand why the things that happen to you affect you the way they do?  Is there a way to overcome your hurt feelings, despair, and disappointments in life?

Discouragement affects us all. No one is immune to it. But according to Jamie Buckingham, more often than not, our feelings of discouragement have less to do with something that has happened to us or something that was said to us, and more to do with our lack of purpose in life.

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Is your purpose to be served? Or is your purpose in life to be of service to others?

Answering this simple question will reveal whether your reactions to life’s unavoidable troubles are likely to lead you into discouragement–or toward contentment in spite of your circumstances. Let Jamie teach you the secret to never being disappointed or discouraged again.