Tramp for the Lord


For years Corrie ten Boom crisscrossed the globe to fulfill her God-given mission to tell people everywhere that Jesus Christ is reality, that He lives, that He is Victor.

This remarkable woman served time in German concentration camps during World War II for the “crime” of hiding persecuted Jews and survived to tell the story in her best-selling book The Hiding Place. Her brush with death lent a new meaning to her life. After her release from the concentration camp, Corrie ten Boom set out to become what she called a “tramp for the Lord,” traveling around the world at the direction of God, proclaiming His message everywhere. Through her life-long experiences, she  learned many lessons in God’s great classroom. These touchingly human vignettes from her life and travels are intertwined with the unique teaching truth that sustained Corrie throughout her days.

Through Jamie Buckingham’s numerous interviews with Corrie, we can see how her stories give rise to his unique and powerful writing style. It is what makes this book easy to read. It is what makes her story so relatable. It is what gives us insight to the heart of one of the world’s most unique missionaries.