A Way Through the Wilderness


Do you sometimes feel that you are wandering in a wilderness of grief, confusion, and faltering faith? If so, you are not alone. Like the lost children of Israel, many have searched for a way through a personal wilderness. But just as those same Israelites followed God’s leading to the Promised Land, you too can find the promised new life in the Spirit.

Jamie Buckingham made such a journey – not only figuratively but literally. During a time of intense personal struggle, he traveled to the Sinai. There he found restoration and, in the solitude of a wilderness night, he learned ancient Bible truths that would alter his life forever. Of all the locations Jamie visited during his many trips to Israel, he loved the Sinai desert the most.

In this book Jamie shares with you the simple, healing secrets that God first revealed to Moses at the dawn of faith.

A short word (audio) from Jamie Buckingham regarding his book, A Way Through the Wilderness:


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Logos Journal – March-April 1978 – In the Footsteps of Moses — Few places on earth are as remote, yet as evocative, as Sinai. The very name stirs childhood memories of stories from that holy place…


New Vision Mag – July-Aug 1984 – Through the Wilderness – Few desert experiences are as welcome — or as terrifying — as rain. Especially this is true in the high mountain regions of the Sinai. Average rainfall in the southern Sinai is less than three inches per year. There are no rivers, no lakes, no forests, no meadows — just bare rock, boulders and sand, with only a few plants adapted to these harsh conditions. Rain rarely falls, but when it does, it is torrential. In fact, the desert may go for years without rain, then have it all fall at one time…