The Truth Will Set You Free, But First it Will Make You Miserable


Jamie Buckingham, renowned storyteller and master satirist, goes behind the scenes to name names and talk about hilarious incidents in his life, and the lives of others close to him. No one escapes his pointed pen. The big shots, the unknowns, his wife, his kids, his mother, friend and foe — all are targets of his humor. He even pokes fun at himself — his weight, his balding head, and his often fumbling methods to represent God.

In this collection you will read the stories of what happened when he baptized a fat woman; when he thought his washing-machine had a demon; when he walked behind the horse who had just be given five gallons of laxative; and his ongoing battles with tomatoes and people who wear toupees. TV preachers, the rapture, prophetic “words” — nothing is sacred in this book.

A funny, wise, and otherwise hilarious ride through the life and times of Jamie Buckingham.

“Only Jamie can get away with it,” quipped Oral Roberts.

“If he says another word about my hair transplant, he’s fired,” one of his publishers told him.

“The kingdom needs a Jamie Buckingham,” one friend bemoaned. “But only one.”

If you like to laugh, or laugh at others who can’t laugh at themselves, you’ll love this book.