Where Eagles Soar


Have you ever watched an eagle soar? Picture one now, gliding motionless on the thermal winds, far above the gusts that whip the surface of the earth. His movement is most graceful when he yields to the flow of the currents and lets them carry him.

That’s the way it is with Christians, says Jamie Buckingham, when we relinquish our lives to the movement of God’s Spirit. With biblical examples like Moses, Joshua, and David, and with graphic testimony of his own experiences, Jamie Buckingham shows the consequence of resisting God’s presence in the innermost recesses of our lives . . . and the almost indescribable changes that come when we yield to Him.

Here is a book that shows you how your life with Christ can move beyond just being a memory of a salvation experience. If you let Him, God can and will lift you from your present existence and start you on a high-flying venture — where eagles soar.

“This book is all about balance,” Jamie wrote, “and the joy — and the risk — of the Spirit-controlled life. It is a book about the necessary venture — often tough, sometimes joyful, always fulfilling — that the believer must take to reach that life beyond his own control: the life in the Spirit.”