The Nazarene


A face-to-face encounter with the Messiah! The Nazarene invites you to a sacred, personal meeting with Jesus. Richly woven with threads of Scripture, meditation, and vivid imagery, this 50-day devotional will challenge your mind, excite your imagination, and stir your heart.

You will walk where Jesus walked, stand with him on the windswept shores of Galilee, and sit with him at home in the Temple. Finally, you will follow him up the fateful road to Golgotha. At all these places, you will be moved by the people Jesus met.

You will feel the excitement of the crowds, the astonishment of the disciples, and the offense of the Pharisees. And you will experience the Messiah’s immense compassion for the wounded and confused, his tender mercy toward sinners, his healing touch upon the sick, and his authority over demons. And you will find he can change your life, too.

Jamie was an award winning writer and columnist, and one of the most widely-read Christian authors in his time. The Nazarene can also serve as a companion to his video series “50 Days Before Easter” (see “Videos” tab).


“There are few people with whom one could walk the Land of Israel and gain both a sense of intimacy with our Savior who lived there and the land that lies there. In The Nazarene, Jamie Buckingham leads us down that dual pathway to deeper insights into history and to a deeper love for Jesus.” — Jack Hayford

“My friend, Jamie, in writing this moving personal account of his insights into the life or our Savior, does not merely tell me about Jesus; he takes me to Him.” — Oral Roberts