Booklets from Sermons

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Healing for Today (click here to order)  

Healing is at the very heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Lord manifested Himself—He made Himself known—through healing. Why healing? Because that is where God’s heart is. God’s heart is toward suffering people. Jesus didn’t countermand medicine. He just went beyond it. This book, taken from a teaching by Jamie Buckingham, explains why the healing power of Jesus is still relevant for our lives today.

Activating Angels Through Prayer (click here to order) 

There is a curtain on the invisible world. Yet, what is beyond is marvelous. Angels surround us, prepared to fight our spiritual battles. All we need to do is to pray in order to activate them to fight on our behalf. Prayer is the key to activating angels.

The Brightness of Your Rising (click here to order)  

This full-length book is written so the church can be prepared for the end times, the days before the return of Christ. Chapters include True and False Teachers, Dominion, Deception, Inner Healing and Spiritual Gifts. Told in a way only Jamie can tell, this is a book for all Christians.

How to Get Ready to Die (click here to order)

We all face death. The scriptures say life is a mist that appears for a little while then vanishes.  Life as a Christian is a process of not only knowing how to live, but learning how to be ready to die. 

Essentials for Hearing God (click here to order) 

Do you want to hear from God, but you have trouble discerning His voice in your life? Using Hebrews 10 as his text, Jamie provides essential principles addressing the question of being able to hear God, and have Him hear you as well.

Perseverance and God’s Faithfulness (click here to order)

This booklet is taken directly from Jamie’s last sermon, preached to the Tabernacle Church in Melbourne, Florida in January 1992, less than a month before his death. “We simply can’t afford to quit,” Jamie stated. “We must finish the work the Lord has given us, so we can be complete…All you have to do is endure your situation. Persevere. And when God knows you’ve reached your limit, He will step forward with His faithfulness and bring you through.”

The Weights of Life (click here to order)

In this booklet, Jamie Buckingham shares how the weights in this life, like the weights on a grandfather clock, keep us moving in the right direction. Without them, we may stop seeking God’s guidance, or just stop altogether.

When You Are Born Ugly (click here to order) front cover pic

Jamie pokes fun at himself and our cultural definitions of beauty as he asks the question: How does God see us? Jamie introduces us to Leah, a woman in the Bible who was not only unattractive; she also had a beautiful sister—and they were both married to the same man!  This is the story of how Leah came to know God’s acceptance and love, despite her less-than-perfect outward appearance and her always-second-place social status.  It’s also a story about you and me and the rest of the ugly people in the world—and the overriding truth that God looks beyond our physical imperfections to see our heart.

Unproductive Seasons: People, Like Trees, Bear Fruit in Their Proper Season (click here to order) Scan0030

The blessed tree, like a godly person, will not bear fruit all year long. There are seasons for bearing fruit and there are seasons for not bearing fruit. In those barren seasons we should not be discouraged. God is still working on and through us, and we will produce fruit in the proper time. But we must remember, even when our branches are barren and the rains don’t fall, to keep our roots dug deep into the reservoir of Living Water.

Senior Saints: Stop Living Like You Are Already Dead! (click here to order) Senior Saints book cover

It is God’s plan for us all to grow old and to go through physical changes. But it is not God’s purpose for us to grow old and stop serving Him. Regardless of how old you are or how you feel physically, God has a plan for your life. Regardless of age, you have high value to God.

Laughing at Life: A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine (click here to order) book cover

“If we truly believe God is in charge, we might as well relax and enjoy life.” This is the theme of this booklet as Jamie gets personal with fellow pastors as well as with himself. This book will make you laugh, and think, and perhaps allow you to enjoy life just a little more than before.

God is in Control: Eternal Lessons from Habakkuk (click here to order) cover

It is difficult for many of us today to imagine living in a nation without religious freedoms. But that is what Habakkuk had to endure. When he took his complaints to God, you might be surprised at God’s response.

Thanksgiving in the Pit (click here to order) Thanksgiving in the Pit

Have you ever found yourself in a pit, emotionally, financially or spiritually? Jamie relates the pit experiences of Joseph, from the book of Genesis, to our own “pits” of today.

When Your Prayers Go Unanswered (click here to order)  When Your Prayers Go Unanswered

 Jamie shares what we as Christians are to do when it turns out that God’s plan for our life is different from our hopes or our dreams.