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True faith does not say that suffering and pain do not exist. True faith says, even though I don’t understand all my troubles or have all the answers, I have a relationship with God the Father, and I can and will lean on Him.

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If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, then you are a child of the King, a prince in the Kingdom. Nobody can knock that crown off your head.

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When you reach the place in your life where everything you own belongs to God, then everything God owns  belongs to you.

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There comes a time in the life of every Spirit-baptized Christian when he has to face the fact that character is far more important than charisma.

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The forces of darkness are all around us, but we can walk through them in freedom and without fear — because with every step we as Christians take, we are surrounded by the presence of God.

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Sometimes all that is required for a miracle is someone who is willing to listen, obey — and get out of the way.

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You cannot tell a person, “This is what you must do.” What you can do is put him in a position where he can discover truth for himself.

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If God is really in control, we might as well enjoy life — rather than take it so seriously.

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I stopped some time ago trying to preach to people. I found that most people, when you “preach” to them, develop a resistance. Instead, I started to just share the Word of God and I found that it allowed God to do the “preaching” through His Holy Spirit. And He will bring to light that which you need personally.

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Success does not come by making popular decisions. It comes by obeying God.

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In order to have a valid ministry, you have to be with people. It is not enough to preach at them. You have to be with them, among them.

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Any time we seek anything less than the kingdom of God, we are asking for too little.