Orlando Sentinel Perspective Columns

Are Drugs Wrong? Take a Sidewalk Tour (August 16, 1969)

Dad’s Babysitting Night Leads to Closeness with Son, God (September 14, 1968)

Calendars, Telephones, Clocks Said Big Killers (September 19, 1968)

Is Man Successful When He Fails At Home? (October 26, 1968)

Life Is Mixture of Good, Bad (December 14, 1968)

Check 14 Spiritual Danger Signals for 1969 Inventory (January 4, 1969)

Progress Often Wipes Away Many Memories (January 25, 1969)

God’s Help Needed to Get Across Life’s Chasms (February 8, 1969)

Should Priests Be Allowed to Marry? (March 8, 1969)

Thanks, IRS, for the Inspiration (April 12, 1969)

Bar Lights Bare Agony of Dying Alone in a Crowd (April 26, 1969)

Seeds of Rebellion on Campus Planted at Home (May 24, 1969)

Day in Court Seen for God – At Least in California (June 14, 1969)

Doctrine Can Be Challenged – Experiences, Never (July 12, 1969)

World Consists of Skilled Giants with Moral Infants (July 19, 1969)

Quiet Hard Practice Results in Geniuses (July 26, 1969)

Thought of Death Brings Resolutions (September 7, 1968)

Excessive Buying Afflicts America (date unknown)

Actions May Be Under Surveillance (date unknown)

Jim Found New Spirit – Holy Spirit (date unknown)

Do Rich Carpets Bar Dirty Shoes? (date unknown)

Treat Symptoms, But Disease Still Rages (date unknown)

Spirit Held “Alive” in Many Churches (date unknown)

Where You Look Makes Difference Throughout Life (unknown date)

Love Bears Disgruntled’s Answer (date unknown)

Ex-Sclerosis Victim Repays God (date unknown)

Barber Has Advice on Politics, Women, Etc. (date unknown)

Man in the Deep Senses One on High (date unknown)

Gospel “Undated” by Folk Singers, Coffee Houses (unknown date)

Darkness Shared with Brother Lights Pathway to Memories (unknown date)

Dad Keeps Pledge of 13 Years Back (July 1968)

“Daddy, Do You Love Jesus Anymore?” (March 23, 1968)

God “Like” Radar (September 23, 1967)

Man Needs Mental Gas (September 30, 1967)

Communications: Vital (October 3, 1967)

Meaning of Fatherhood (October 20, 1967)

Experts Need Others (November 2, 1967)

What World Is Blind To, Love Can See (November 18, 1967)

Do You Communicate Well? (November 25, 1967)

God Makes Life Bearable (December 2, 1967)

Throw Away Old Junk – Guilts, Fears (December 30, 1967)

Work of God Should Take Priority Over Trips, TV (January 13, 1968)

Beware of “Shoot Now, Query Later” Fellows (January 27, 1968)

Basketball Team Lost, Yet… (February 24, 1968)

Jaguar Shooting Story Has Sad Angle (March 2, 1968)

Acts of God, Who Is Responsible? Why Not Praise Him Anyhow? (March 9, 1968)

Things Said Never Bad As They Seem (August 17, 1967)

Youth Made to Lie in Bed of Adult Untruths (March 30, 1968)

Loud Jim Mouth Crying Out for Love (April 13, 1968)

Jesus, Honest Abe, Old Lady Had Same Ideas About Life (April 20, 1968)

Children Run onto Social Shoals When Parents Shirk Family Helm (April 27, 1968)

Nominal Christian in Danger of Reverting to “Wild Animal” (May 4, 1968)

Good Kids? Sure! Plenty of Them! (May 11, 1968)

Write Epitaph on Hearts of People (May 18, 1968)

That Building? It’s Only Headquarters for Church (May 25, 1968)

Parents Had Better Give Child Orders (June 1, 1968)

America’s Peril Is Moral Decay (June 8, 1968)

Age of Automation, Efficiency at Times Perplexing (July 13, 1968)

Hardworking Handicapped Alabaman Wants No Gifts (July 20, 1968)

Miss Jessie Isn’t Old, Even at 84 (July 27, 1968)

Not Enough Time to Do All Should (August 31, 1968)