Vero Beach Press-Journal Columns

1/23/1969 - Inaugural Column for Vero Beach Press-Journal

4/10/1969 - Plug Into the Source

5/8/1969 - Adding An Altar Rail

5/29/1969 - Someone Missed Him

11/26/1969 - Pray Before Using

12/16/1971 - All I Want for Christmas

2/21/1979 - The Interest Clock

10/17/1979 - Mother’s Mold

10/24/1979 - Pure Corn

Zipomania (unknown date)

Writing on a Hilltop (unknown date)

With Flying Colors (unknown date)

Why Not a River? (unknown date)

Going On Restriction (unknown date)

It’s O.K. If You Can Get Away With It (unknown date)

Good News, Bad News (unknown date)

Back to the Farm (unknown date)

What I Learned on My Vacation (unknown date)

Winning Hearts in Vero Beach (unknown date)

We Don’t Cry (unknown date)

Come Apart – Before You Really Come Apart (unknown date)

Vacationland U.S.A. (unknown date)

Vile Remarks (unknown date)

Upstairs Provides Best View of Nature (unknown date)

Unpopular Pastimes (unknown date)

Unisex (unknown date)

The Tube (unknown date)

Fishers of Men (unknown date)

The Thoroughbreds (unknown date)

More Wrong Than Right? (unknown date)

The Round Earth Hoax (unknown date)

Seeking Supernatural Answers (unknown date)

Jesus, the Secret to Peace (unknown date)

The Cost of Honesty (unknown date)

The Seed of the Gospel (unknown date)

The Junk Man Cometh (unknown date)

The Fireplace (unknown date)

The Essence (unknown date)

Looking at Life from a Spiritual Perspective (unknown date)

Too Much Mountain Religion (unknown date)

Up the Creek in a Canoe (unknown date)

The Dangers of Legalized Religion (unknown date)

Love Brings Down Barriers (unknown date)

The Best Gift (unknown date)

Tante Corrie (unknown date)

Stones for the Prophet (unknown date)

The Secret of Satisfaction (unknown date)

Family Camping (unknown date)

Christian Unity (unknown date)

Jesus Revolution (unknown date)

Talking Turkey about Storks (unknown date)

Going Around in Circles (unknown date)

Skip Day (unknown date)

Mixed-Up Generation (unknown date)

The Cost of Being a Christian (unknown date)

Septic Tanks (unknown date)

Ruts (unknown date)

Runner’s Only Answer Is a Talk with Jesus (unknown date)

Routine Living (unknown date)

Robert Lamb Quits News for Evangelism (unknown date)

Refreshing Politician (unknown date)

Rams – Falcons (unknown date)

Pushed Around (unknown date)

Proposal Proposal (unknown date)

Ordinary Folks with Extraordinary Faith (unknown date)

The Perils of Painting (unknown date)

I’m Ready to Slow Down (unknown date)

Mrs. Robinson is Pregnant (unknown date)

A Real Wedding (unknown date)

Giving Directions (unknown date)

Craving Eggnog (unknown date)

On the Sidewalks of New York (unknown date)

On Success (unknown date)

On Guard (unknown date)

Trouble for the Church Custodian (unknown date)

Of Cockroaches and Ghost Writers (unknown date)

Not to Question (unknown date)

No Witches, Please (unknown date)

No Necktie (unknown date)

No More Wandering (unknown date)

A “New” Christianity (unknown date)

My Wife, Public Speaker (unknown date)

A Moment Worth Waiting For (unknown date)

Camping Lessons (unknown date)

My Childhood Sundays (unknown date)

Piano Dropout (unknown date)

Musicana (unknown date)

Mother Teresa (unknown date)

Moth and Rust (unknown date)

Dropping the Mask (unknown date)

Mixing the Lion’s Menu (unknown date)

Misspent Wishes (unknown date)

Memorial Days (unknown date)

May I Have This Dance? (unknown date)

Another Masada? (unknown date)

Martha Symbolizes Everyman’s Fear (unknown date)

Looking Like a Writer (unknown date)

Pet Prayers (unknown date)

Lynn “Cooter” Law (unknown date)

Looking Out for Number Two (unknown date)

Looking Back (unknown date)

Loneliness (unknown date)

Jump, Walk, or Wait? (unknown date)

Why Thanksgiving Day is Special (unknown date)

Licking the Lollipop (unknown date)

Letter to the Editor (unknown date)

Let’s Hear It for the Swamp! (unknown date)

Leaving the Banquet (unknown date)

Never Gone (unknown date)

Tales of Courage (unknown date)

Seeing the Face of God (unknown date)

Jamie and Bran (unknown date)

Don’t Miss a Lifetime (unknown date)

Jungle Flying (unknown date)

Filled With A New Wine (unknown date)

Jackie and the Weed (unknown date)

We Have Met the Enemy (unknown date)

The Beauty Beyond the Defect (unknown date)

The Threat of Facial Hair (unknown date)

Of Cities and Small Towns (unknown date)

God Uses the Common (unknown date)

It’s Good to Come Apart (unknown date)

Still the Land of the Free (unknown date)

Nineteen Years Is Too Long (unknown date)

The Creator Surrounds It All (unknown date)

The Cross of Christ Still Stands (unknown date)

Singing With Tears on My Face (unknown date)

Driving by the Golden Rule (unknown date)

In the Presence of Angels (unknown date)

Mr. Ed (unknown date)

I’m Swearing Off Vacations (unknown date)

Digit Determinism (unknown date)

Time to Shave the Beard? (unknown date)

Leisure Time (unknown date)

Bumper Stickers (unknown date)

My Desk: Asset or Liability? (unknown date)

I’ll Never Forget Mary Hill (unknown date)

I Wish Our Family Could Be Normal (unknown date)

Dreams Still Come True (unknown date)

Lift Up Your Heart (unknown date)

Need Some Help? (unknown date)

Blood-Stained Hands (unknown date)

Character or Touchdowns? (unknown date)

Pray Before Using (rewritten, unknown date)

Things Or People? Plan Accordingly (unknown date)

Floppy Hair Just Ain’t Me (unknown date)

The World’s Greatest Music (unknown date)

I’m Returning My Credit Cards (unknown date)

Acknowledging God (unknown date)

How to Love (unknown date)

Home for Christmas (unknown date)

The Country Doctor (unknown date)

The Meanest Mother in the World (unknown date)

Heroes of the Month (unknown date)

Creativity Takes Time (unknown date)

Hello Out There (unknown date)

Staying Young (unknown date)

Good Samaritan (unknown date)

Harper Valley Rodeo (unknown date)

Happy Days (unknown date)

Hair Raising Shock (unknown date)

Don’t Lose the Wonder (unknown date)

The Only Difference Was Me (unknown date)

God and Democracy (unknown date)

Ghosts in a Trunk (unknown date)

Getting Closer (unknown date)

Gambling (unknown date)

The Future Is Coming (unknown date)

Fun in Church (unknown date)

Out of the Mouths of Babes (unknown date)

Adger McKay (unknown date)

A Kingdom Washed Away (unknown date)

No “Erase Key” in Marriage (unknown date)

A Human Dynamo (unknown date)

Death to Self, Not Suicide, Is the Answer (unknown date)

Finding a Goal (unknown date)

Famous People (unknown date)

Extremism (unknown date)

Exchanging Invitations (unknown date)

Envision the Future to See the Real You (unknown date)

Embarrassing Question (unknown date)

Too Long in the Huddle (unknown date)

Ear Pollution (unknown date)

A Family Doctor (unknown date)

Down with Disco (unknown date)

Losing My Marbles (unknown date)

Deer Stand (unknown date)

Dawg Days (unknown date)

God Sure Has Been Good to Us (unknown date)

Corporate Life (unknown date)

All History is His Story (unknown date)

Hoisting The Sails (unknown date)

Close Encounters (unknown date)

Don’t Outfit David in Saul’s Armor (Christmas season, unknown year)

Christmas Eve Tragedy (unknown date)

Christmas Cards (unknown date)

We All Need Christmas (unknown date)

Recognizing Who We Are (Christmas season, unknown year)

A Real Christmas Tree (unknown date)

Breaking My Shaving Habit (Christmas season, unknown date)

Cherry Blossom Time (unknown date)

Changes (unknown date)

Cancellation (unknown date)

There’s Hope for Us After All (unknown date)

Blaming Madalyn (unknown date)

Biting Heads Off (unknown date)

Business Not As Usual (unknown date)

Beware of the Man Selling Green Shampoo (unknown date)

Beating the System (unknown date)

Bearing Gifts (unknown date)

Back to Living (unknown date)

Back to Basics (unknown date)

The Power of the Printed Word (unknown date)

Waiting for Mr. Right (unknown date)

An Answered Prayer (unknown date)

No Texas Twister Can Separate Me from God’s Love (unknown date)

All Things Great and Small (unknown date)

Alcoholics (unknown date)

There’s a Sock Gobbler in My Washing Machine (unknown date)

Snapshots in Time (unknown date)

Easter is Resurrection Day (unknown date)

Light in the Darkest Hour (unknown date)

A Few Things for Certain (unknown date)

Of Mice and Men (and Jamie) by Jim Thompson (unknown date)