The Buckingham Report was an in-depth critique with

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The Buckingham Report was an in-depth critique with insightful analysis and commentary by Jamie Buckingham, who was known as “America’s foremost Christian analyzer of the issues, people and events affecting the Spirit-led leaders of the day.”

Initially the Buckingham Report was only available by subscription (1985-1986) and mailed out bi-weekly. About a year and a half after its debut, it became a regular feature in Ministries Today magazine, which was published bi-monthly. Jamie Buckingham was the magazine’s managing editor. The Buckingham Report remained with Ministries Today until Jamie’s death in February 1992. Each six-page issue of the Buckingham Report was a unique resource for American pastors and church leaders. It provided useful insights into global church events of the day, timeless practical advice, and wise analysis from one of the world’s most beloved Christian writers and speakers.

Now, for the first time in 25 years, everyone can read the Buckingham Report. This exhaustive collection is a wonderful historical record that gives insider access and authoritative insight into the happenings of the American and global church over a seven year period (1985-1992).

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